How to Find a Reputable Data Recovery Company

When you need to recover lost data from your computer or other electronic device, it is important to find the right data recovery company. With the right equipment, the best data recovery company can help you get your information back. A good data recovery company will have the ability to recover data from a variety of different devices, including hard drives, memory cards, and even camera cards.

The first thing to look for in a data recovery company is its certification. A good data recovery company has certification from the hardware manufacturer and meets certain criteria. Furthermore, they should have state-of-the-art equipment for safely opening spinning hard drives. Also, look for cleanroom environments. These ensure that dust and other particles will not damage your data and render it unrecoverable.

There are numerous data recovery companies out there. Gillware offers free evaluations in four hours. They have ISO-5 Class 100 recovery labs and meet SOC II Type 2 standards. They also have a reputation for excellent results. A company like Gillware can help you recover data from a variety of devices, including hard drives, memory cards, and even CDs.

Another data recovery company you can use is DriveSavers. This company has been around for 35 years and offers a wide range of services. They have helped many companies recover their irreplaceable data. Their services include data migration, data erasure, and data recovery. Their offices are located in over twenty cities and have the tools and technology to recover your data. They are a trusted name in the industry and can help you no matter what type of storage device you have.

Another data recovery company that is widely recognized is Ontrack, which has a success rate of over 90%. In addition to their high success rate, Ontrack has excellent customer support. Their goal is to return your important data to you in a safe, secure manner. They have several ways of recovering data, including online data recovery, and hard drive recovery. They offer free estimates and expedited shipping for customers. They also offer a guarantee for their services.

Another way of recovering lost data is through backup. The more recent the backup copy, the more likely it is to be successfully recovered. It’s critical to develop a backup and restore plan to minimize your risk of data loss. You can never be too careful. It’s better to trust a professional data recovery company than risk permanent loss of your data.

A data recovery company can recover lost data from a hard drive, a memory card, a mobile device, or other storage device. Their data recovery technicians offer a free evaluation, and you pay only if the data is recovered. Furthermore, they are SSAE 16 Type II certified and offer their services to Fortune 500 companies. They are based in Ohio, but their services are available across the country.

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