Registration FAQ

  • Why do I have to register to use this freaking awesome Artificial Intelligence program?!
  • Registration simply allows SYNGI to remember you regardless of which device you use to access the AI. SYNGI can remember and learn from your conversations. Unfortunately, under the original web interface, a cookie was used to track users for persistence of conversation (so the AI remembers who you are). If you reset your cookies, or used a different device to access SYNGI, the AI assumed you were a different user. Using the login system allows you to create your own username/PW combination and then you can login from anywhere and SYNGI will remember you and your previous conversations.

  • Is this all an illusion?

  • What about my Membership Status?
  • If you have a current membership (that is, if you have donated the appropriate minimum amount), please email us at the email used for original membership confirmation and we will do our best to migrate your old data and member privileges to your new username.