Q: Can I order an Elvis Alive Robot modified to talk as per your Elvis Hack Bot Instructables?
A: Yes! e-mail me for details:

Q: Is an Elvis Hack Kit Available?
A: No. I am selling the Elvis Hack as a fully-assembled unit only. The primary objective of the Elvis Hack product is to provide a Plug-N-Play experience and to minimize user assembly headaches.

Q: Why are you selling the Elvis Hack? Is it an open-source product?
A: I am selling the Elvis Hack partly as a desire to provide a usable product to the animitronic/robotics enthusiast. The cost structure of the Elvis Hack is designed to cover cost of materials and labor and modest support. There is a complete Instructables covering assembly and programming if you want to build your own from scratch.

Q: What type of Support and Warranty are offered?
A: The cost structure of the Elvis Hack provides for modest support, including ongoing development of feature enhancements. However, no guarantee is made, either expressly or implied, of future feature enhancements or support. Product returns will be accepted for defective product within 90 days of purchase. The buyer assumes responsibility of shipping charges. Intentional misuse will void such warranty. See Support page for more information regarding warranty and legal disclaimer.